Refacing is more of a process than some
people may think. Dating back to the 70's
and 80's cabinet shops took particle board or
melamine doors and laminated them, this
was known as "Refacing" back in the day.
What some people don't realize is that
Refacing has completely changed since then,
especially now more than ever. Today's
Refacing process is quite different for
cabinet shops versus before, and definitely
makes Refacing more valuable, durable,
stylish and custom looking for the customer!

The new way of Refacing sums up to one
major thing and that is that you, the
consumer are receiving all new doors and
drawer fronts, instead of having laminate.
What truly separates Custom Cabinet
Refacing of Naples from the rest of the
'Cabinet Refacing' companies is that we take
pride in the process of Refacing, from the
materials we use (which are all 100% wood
materials) down to the customization and
capabilities Refacing offers, hence - The
name of our Company!

  • Economical - Refacing is more cost-effective than
    building all new cabinets, especially when those boxes just
    need decorating!

  • Timeline - without new counter tops - the process is only
    2-3 days in your home! With new counter tops - 3-4 days!

  • Less waste - Reusing cabinet boxes prevents wastage

  • Up to Four Free Drawers - By reusing your boxes we
    can modify your doors into new drawers for ultimate

  • Accessories - Refacing allows us to reuse cabinet boxes
    for things like Trash Can Pull-Outs, Lazy Susan's, Spice
    Racks and more! (mechanisms sold separately)

  • Brand New Look - Refacing provides a brand new look!

  • Custom Finishes - We use 100% real wood doors - We
    are able to do custom finishes (paint or stain) for
    customers and match any color they desire! Most
    companies have their products prefinished in factories, we
    are fully custom!

  • Multiple Door Styles - Unlike some big box cabinet
    companies who have 3-4 styles to choose from, we offer
    over 10 different styles in our premium select wood doors!

  • 2 Free Boxes! - With every Kitchen Refacing project, we
    always offer New Fridge and Microwave Cabinet Boxes - 5"
    Inch Higher Than Existing for a Custom/Staggered Look!
    This truly brings your Kitchen to life!

  • Other Moving Parts - Refacing projects include all
    other wood parts required to make your Kitchen, Bath,
    Laundry, or Bar Complete. (Crown & Light Rail Molding,
    Toe Kicks, Fillers, Veneer, Soft-Close Hinges, and
    Decorative Hardware)
         O U R   P R O D U C T S

When you make an appointment to visit
our showroom for your Quote Review
with Robert Weeks you will sit with him
at our conference table, while Robert
reviews your personalized quote with
you he will use these tools to the left to
explain each part of the Refacing process.
Our Premium Select Maple Doors come
in Raw like the one pictured, Our crown
molding comes in Flat or Standard, We
have Soft-close hinges, we use wood
veneer for Refacing that will match the
color of your new doors as well.
S E E  T H E   R E S U L T S  O F  O U R  R E F A C I N G   P R O G R A M !

Did you know that you can keep your
existing counter tops with Cabinet
Refacing? Yes, you heard right! Our
Refacing program allows customers
to keep their existing counter tops
avoiding additional cost of purchasing
new counter tops all while changing
the l
ook of their kitchen cabinets!

If you choose to purchase new
counter tops, the possibilities with
Refacing become endless! With new
counter tops being installed we are
able to actually rearrange your
existing cabinet boxes for a more
functional space without the cost of
new boxes! This is a big game
changer for most of our customers!
To be able to relocate your existing
boxes to fit your own personal needs
and make living in YOUR home more
convenient! (If you purchase new
counter tops through us we offer to
cut the raised bar down to one level
for a more open & contemporary
concept that everyone loves!)
In this Kitchen:
Microwave Cabinets we
installed for Free - 5"
Higher for that Custom
Staggered Look! The
Fridge Cabinet is now
flush with the Fridge
itself with panels to
enclose it for that built-in
look! We also did 4 free
drawer modifications left
and right of the stove, not
to mention those
beautiful popping colors!
New fridge cabinet with panels,trash can pull-out right of
the sink and a bank of 3 drawers far right of the sink. Just
those few changes really make all the difference in
functionality, these customers were thrilled to have a new
updated and contemporary look in their Kitchen!
The left photo is before Vanity Refacing, the
right photo is after! Wow, what a huge
difference the drawer modifications made in
bringing this modern sleek style to life!

We used real 100% premium select cherry wood
for this Vanity and with the white quartz top the
color really pops out!
Ask about our slab doors!

Vanity Refacing is like any other
Refacing, if you have a vanity cabinet you
want to update don't hesitate to contact
us! We can add drawers to just about
any cabinet available for that custom
touch and storage you are looking for!
We don't just Reface Kitchens and Baths... We Reface Laundry Rooms, Bars, Buffets, Entertainment Centers, Offices and more.
Remember, we are also a fully custom woodworking shop as well! We design and build custom cabinetry and units, call today!
Custom Cabinet
Refacing of
O U R   R E F A C I N G   P R O G R A M