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We put new flat panel doors and drawer fronts on the cabinets, and installed new crown and light rail molding. We also rebuilt the microwave
cabinet to raise the microwave up so it is flush with the molding. We did 2 drawer modifications left and right of the stove for added
organization. Refacing definitely updated the look and feel of this kitchen! This is just a taste of the endless things we have to offer!
You can see in the after photo all of the modifications we made. We built a new Fridge cabinet higher and with Fridge panels to
enclose the fridge for a more custom 'built-in' look. We put all new flat panel white doors on with a grey glaze accent. We created a
'Trash Can Pull-Out' right of the sink for Waste and Recycle. We did a 2 Drawer modification to the right of the Trash Can Pull-Out as well
for added storage/organization and look. We did build new wall cabinets in this kitchen as part of our 'Boxes on top of existing' program,
which is always explained during your visit to our showroom! We also put new Granite countertops in this kitchen to add some color!
O U R  P H O T O  G A L L E R Y
Refacing of
For this project we custom built a new Master vanity. We built all
new boxes, stained the premium select doors a beautiful dark
wood tone and installed them. We installed a gorgeous light quartz
top that really makes the door color just pop! We designed and
custom built two tower cabinets on both ends and put a bridge in
the center with some LED cans for great bright lighting!
These are a mix of Refacing and Custom projects we have recently completed! We
also do partial Refacing and partial Custom to cut down the cost and truly give you
the layout and functionality that you want when you get new countertops!
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